Sleeping through the night seem impossible?

It’s NOT. We swear!

A restful night is just a clever sleep plan away, we've got you!

Yes! Get this baby to Sleep

Sleeping through the night seem impossible?

It’s NOT. We swear!

A restful night is just a smart sleep plan away, we've got you!

Yes! Get this baby to Sleep

You’ve encountered some bumps in the road, so you started reading the parenting blogs and the sleep books, but their advice just didn’t work for your child or feel like the right fit.

Maybe you’ve got the sleep sacks, the noise machines, the black out curtains...

You’ve tried it ALLLLLL but it’s just not clicking- where's the magic they speak of?

You know your baby should be sleeping differently but you can’t crack the code.

Maybe this is new-- you never had these challenges with your other kids.

Why is it so easy for some families and so hard for yours?

What’s going on here?

Is my baby broken?

(we promise they aren’t!)

You’re worried that your little one is not getting enough sleep for their growth and development.

Their unpredictable, short naps and frequent night wakes make it impossible for you to get anything done, or make any plans. You resort to the only way you know they will sleep…

which is sometimes on you. Or *gasp* in bed with you - anything just to get SOME sleep.

Your best friend’s kid sleeps like a dream.

(she’s told you 10 times.)

Your aunt said to let them skip naps so they’ll sleep at night.

Your mom tells you not to respond to every whimper so they can self soothe.

The doctor said “fill them up! Nurse more! Give more formula! Try rice cereal!”

Everyone has some advice or success stories - what are you missing?

You’re not missing anything!

Your child and their sleep needs are unique.

We are here to help. And do it in record time.

The Baby Sleep Team is here

to support your child and your family’s unique needs and parenting style to get your baby sleeping well so the whole family can be well rested again.


"Now we're sleeping it feels like we have our life back...I didn't expect him to catch on so quickly..."


Denae & Joe

We get it.

You need a plan that outlines the practical steps to make it easy to get your child sleeping, but also flexible to meet your child and family’s needs while working with your parenting style.

Our program is succinct with step-by-step instructions to take you from exhausted and frustrated to rested and energised.

It has absolutely everything you need to know to get your little one sleeping through the night and taking great naps in a way that feels good for you.

You will find it to be simple, easy, not complex, and in as little as 3 days- a baby sleeping through the night.


This is the Roadmap I've Been Looking For!
"it's definitely helped us a lot with the self-settling, which in turn, has helped with the night waking....rolls over and straight back to sleep"


Leiah & Josh


Baby Sleep Team is


Our program has absolutely everything you need to know in easy practical
steps to get your little one sleeping through the night and taking great naps.

You don’t need to pay more for bonuses or extras...

Our program literally includes everything
- even an age-appropriate schedule that can be downloaded each month so you can adjust your child’s schedule as their sleep needs change (for ages 5-18 months old).

The information is presented in super short videos - each only about 2 minutes long! (remember when we said it was fast, easy and simple!) You can listen in the car while you drop your older kids off at school- or hear us in your ears as you do a quick clean up of the kitchen before bedtime.

There are no long manuals, and we go through the information briskly and succinctly so you can start seeing results quickly!


Unlike some other programs, we include MULTIPLE settling
technique options so you can use what works best for your family.

We have been through the same sleep challenges that you are experiencing. We totally get it, and you’ll hear us reference our own children in examples during the program.

We care about you and are here to support you through the changes your family needs to make to get sleeping back on track. You didn’t cause your baby’s sleep challenges; you’ve just received advice that wasn’t the right fit up until now. We got you covered!

We know first hand how challenging it is when your child isn’t sleeping. Getting them sleeping through the night and taking great naps during the day will relieve the stress and anxiety you’re currently facing. You’ll finish our program feeling relieved that your child is sleeping well, you’re more rested, and you’re able to plan your day around a consistent and predictable schedule.

Yes! I’m Ready for a Solution

What's Included?

Here’s what other parents are saying….

“Baby sleep team truly changed our lives and gave us the confidence we needed to get through any sleep obstacles with our little one. They not only gave us the tools to give our son a full night's sleep but they gave us our sleep back too, and for that, we cannot recommend them enough!”


Cassie and Adam

“I cannot say enough good things. I have tried several sleep programs before and this is the only one that got our son sleeping through the night. We seamlessly transitioned him to one nap a day, changed his eating and milk habits thanks to nutritional guidance built into the program, and found better sleep sacks per their recommendation. This program has everything you ever thought you needed and everything you never knew you needed. Cat and Con provide tons of support and troubleshooting tips for when you feel things aren’t working. I wish they had started their program ages ago!”


Karen P

“Baby Sleep Team have an amazing program and I’m so appreciative of the support Catherine provided me over the last couple of months with my 9 month old bub. He has now been sleeping through the night, 11-12 hours straight! He also knows how to fall asleep by himself which means more time to spend with my husband. We had tried other programs and they just don’t compare to this one. It is so comprehensive and structured and covers everything you need to get your baby sleeping well. I love that there are so many options and guidelines as to how to choose the best settling technique, especially because every baby is different. Thank you so much for your help!”


Melissa H

“I found this baby sleep program to be amazing and highly successful with my little one. Prior to commencing, my then 6 month old was hardly sleeping during the day and these little cat naps were very inconsistent and unpredictable. The easy to follow program ensured consistency and bub now has very predictable sleeps during the day. The schedule suits us 100% as bub gives very few tired cues. I felt at ease having the flexibility to choose a settling technique that suited us to establish routine and felt strongly supported by the baby sleep team. I highly recommend.”


Bernadette A

WOW! This is the program I’ve been looking for!

Because we want to support all your sleep related challenges,

we’ve included 3 bonuses with every purchase of the Baby Sleep Team course


Early Morning Wakes Masterclass

Solve your baby’s early morning wakes. Get time back to yourself in the morning so you can
start the day feeling energized and ready for the day, knowing your little one is well rested.

Short Nap Materclass

Tired of having a cat-napper? Our Masterclass walks you through the root causes of cat-
napping and helps you put a stop to short naps for good. Rest easy knowing your child is getting the sleep and rest their body needs.

Nutrition Blueprint to introduce solid foods - without sacrificing their sleep

Could hunger be a cause of your Baby’s wakes?

Our nutrition bonus outlines Baby’s nutritional needs so you can feel assured that you’re setting your baby up for a lifetime of healthy eating & sleep habits.


Plus You'll be Backed by a Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee

Let us say this upfront.

The Baby Sleep 1-2-3 Program is the most comprehensive step-by-step implementation program for sleep-deprived parents who are COMMITTED to improving their little one’s sleep. 

Here’s the thing...

By the end of these 30 days, you’ll have received access to the ENTIRE program and have all the tools you need to implement immediately with your little one. 

Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to establish your child’s sleep hygiene, follow their age-appropriate schedule, work on a settling technique that suits YOU and YOUR baby and be equipped with troubleshooting if your plan doesn’t quite go right! 

If you don’t see any improvements in your child’s sleep, simply reach out, show us your sleep tracking sheets over those 30 days, and we’ll refund your investment.

Pricing Options




Baby Sleep Program

  • Lifetime Access to easy to watch step-by-step video instructions of online sleep program ($299)

  • PDF Master Booklet ($99)
  • Access to Private FaceBook Group ($79) 
  • BONUS 1: Early Morning Wakes Masterclass ($49)
  • BONUS 2: Short Naps Masterclass ($49)
  • BONUS 3: Nutrition Blueprint ($39)

$614 Value

ONLY $197 or 2 x $99

YES I Want to Start Today!


Baby Sleep Program + 14 days Email Support + 2 x 45 mins Phone Support

  • Lifetime Access to easy to watch step-by-step video instructions of online sleep program ($299)

  • PDF Master Booklet ($99)
  • Access to Private FaceBook Group ($79)
  • BONUS 1: Early Morning Wakes Masterclass ($49)
  • BONUS 2: Short Naps Masterclass ($49)
  • BONUS 3: Nutrition Blueprint ($39)
  • 14 days of Email Support ($149)
  • 2 x 45 mins Phone Consultations ($199)

$962 Value

ONLY $597