$49.00 USD

Sleep Schedules Program

Inside this mini-course I will teach you:

  • WHY working with your baby’s natural rhythms makes sleep easier (the line of least resistance)
  • HOW to set up your baby’s sleep foundations for healthy long term sleep habits
  • The best schedule for every age between 5-18 months to work on consistent and predictable sleep (no thinking required!)
  • How to adapt the rest of your day when things go wrong (because they do!)
  • How to confidently and easily do nap transitions 
  • Pre-empt sleep regressions through a consistent sleep schedule

What People Are Saying:

“That schedule that y'all made, total game changer that changed everything for us. Like he switched, as soon as we got on the schedule, he just took to it like a duck in water. And then we did the schedule and he was already falling asleep on his nap times doing really good with that. And then the first night out of nowhere, he slept for nine hours straight”

Chanel and Cory

“I think the schedules were the key for us and trying to stick to a certain schedule and having the day routine planned out really was the thing for us that helped the most.”