Newborn Sleep Program

Inside this mini-course I'll teach you:

  • The Science behind your newborn's sleep and HOW to meet them developmentally where they're at.
  • The FOUR foundations of Newborn Sleep Basics 101 so you know what to do!
  • How to help your newborn transition from womb to world in the 4th trimester.
  • How to respond to your baby's needs through connection and attachment
  • The best sleep tools to give your newborn the best chance of great sleep.
  • Newborn settling techniques to calm your newborn to get them to sleep.
  • How to get longer stretches of sleep overnight.
  • Practicing the very early stages of teaching your baby how to self-settle.
  • Preparation to help your little one get through the 4-month sleep regression

I keep things simple and to the point. Only giving you the information you need right now.

$49.00 USD

One time only 57% OFF

Guide to navigating 3 & 4 months

For just USD$21. 

Get a step-by-step plan to help your baby through the 4-month sleep regression.

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