The Main Causes Of Early Morning Wakes

5.18am. This was the early morning wake time that we were stuck on for weeks with little Evie! In a recent group of sleep deprived Moms, I asked if you could wave a magic wand and eliminate the biggest struggle with your baby’s sleep, what would that be? Nearly 1/3 of the Moms responded early morning wakes. If this is you, you’re most certainly not alone!

Early morning wakes are easily formed yet some of the hardest ones to break. There is not unfortunately a simple one response answer to get a quick solution as there are multiple factors that can cause an early morning wake. 

To work through the possible causes of early morning wakes, it is really important that we firstly understand the biology to know what is going on. It will help you appreciate that your child is not simply a terrible sleeper and that there are a lot of factors that go against them to create an early morning wake!

Before we get started, I did want to clarify what we would define as an early...

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Sleep Tips to Help Deal with Overwhelm and Anxiety during Covid-19

We are in unprecedented times as we’re all navigating through a worldwide pandemic and nearly all of us are facing a lot of disruption to our normal daily lives.

There is no school or daycare options for many families and parents are also having to work from home if they are not an essential worker.

Add to that any sleep deprivation in a household and the situation can feel even more overwhelming than it already is as if you’re operating in a sleep deprived state, daily tasks and getting through the day can be that much more challenging.

I had wanted to pull together a few key areas as a reminder, or to be used as tips to help navigate through this time to help your family get as much as possible so that sleep is not one of your contributing factors to extra stress and anxiety. Although this is most relevant to young children and babies, some of the points can also benefit the entire household.

  1. Routine

Babies and children thrive in a routine environment and they love...

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The truth about teething and its impact on your baby’s sleep

It wasn’t planned this way, but as timing has it, I am currently writing this blog post just as we have gone through our 15-month-old daughter cutting 3 teeth all at once over the course of one week! And guess what…we didn’t have one sleepless night. I’m not saying this to brag, I’m saying it because it disproves the belief that I had with our first baby!

When we had our first baby, if we had a bit of a rough patch, or anything happened that didn’t seem ‘normal’ I would blame teething.

Extra clingy…teething

Grizzly in the afternoon…teething

Fussy eating…teething

Woke early from a nap…teething

Grumpy baby...teething

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that we used far more Pamol (similar to Tylenol), natural teething powders and teething gels than we should have. We also constantly had teething rings in the freezer. The reality was that because my baby couldn’t yet talk to me to tell me what was...

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