To Swaddle or Not to Swaddle?


Swaddling! A technique that is very close to our hearts. We have certainly tried our fair share of swaddle blankets/products and techniques and are quite obsessed with creating the perfect swaddle. We love a good baby burrito!

I myself am a fan of the arms up, snug as a bug classic muslin blanket kind of girl. While Conan is a can’t be bothered with the wrapping kind of Dad and every time goes back to the zip it quick style J

The ancient practice of swaddling has been around for hundreds of years. It can be described as the most effective transition from the womb to the outside world and it is the natural progression for a new baby to enter their 4th trimester.

There are so many benefits to swaddling your baby when they are born but it ultimately comes down to three things. Swaddling makes your baby:

  1. Safe: A ground-breaking Australian study showed that swaddling can reduce the incidence of SIDS by up to 1/3 (with baby sleeping on their back, before they can...
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