Baby Food & Sleep - Guest post by Plant-based Child Nutritionist Michal Sach

Sleep and nutrition are a family. They are siblings and they love each other so much. Did you know that?

They are so close that when one is happy it makes the other one happy and when one is upset and not doing very well so is the other one.

This concept is an important one to remember. There is never one thing we can pinpoint when we are trying to solve an issue. Our bodies are so complicated and magnificent and thus if we start to think about dealing with any issue we are facing with a holistic approach, we are more likely to be successful. 

As I mentioned before, one possible contributing factor to consider and address when dealing with poor sleep is nutrition. As part of looking at the bigger picture and having a holistic approach, you will also look at the routine, the room environment ( temperature, lighting, sleepwear, bed), and habits, but nutrition is the most basic component to address first. 

I would like to mention a few things to consider that may...

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