Sleep hygiene: 4 tips to establishing healthy sleep habits for your child to help them sleep better.

Sleep can be complicated and there can be many contributing factors that impact sleep. What many parents don’t realize is that while falling asleep comes naturally to us, it is a learned skill that our babies need to be taught.

There are a number of influencing factors that can positively impact your child’s sleep when they are put in place. These factors fall under what we call sleep hygiene. You can think of it as establishing sleep foundations for your little one to create the best opportunity and environment conducive for sleep. There are four elements of sleep hygiene that can dramatically improve your little one’s sleep:

  1. Understanding sleepy cues
  2. Sleep environment
  3. Age appropriate awake windows
  4. Bedtime routine


1. Understanding sleepy cues


Your little one will have some signs that they are ready to go to sleep. For some children, they are not always that obvious however it is so important to recognize them and respond accordingly to...

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