The 4 month sleep regression: What is it and how can you get through it?

I knew very little about sleep before I had babies. Why would you? You never think twice about it. That is, until you don’t get enough of it. Then you can become strangely fanatical about it. Or is that just me?! J

The four-month sleep regression was something that was talked about in my mother’s group well and truly before our babies even reached that stage. I was worried about it and didn’t understand it and we had no idea how each of our babies were going to react and come out the other side. How much would their sleep be broken? Would they ever sleep normally again?

So what is it?

In a nutshell, the four-month sleep regression is a developmental leap that occurs anywhere between 3-5 months. During this change, your baby moves from newborn sleep stages to having sleep cycles that are aligned to adult sleep cycles. Just when you thought you were getting into a bit more of a rhythm and predictability with your newborn, they then can start waking a lot...

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