The Main Causes Of Early Morning Wakes

5.18am. This was the early morning wake time that we were stuck on for weeks with little Evie! In a recent group of sleep deprived Moms, I asked if you could wave a magic wand and eliminate the biggest struggle with your baby’s sleep, what would that be? Nearly 1/3 of the Moms responded early morning wakes. If this is you, you’re most certainly not alone!

Early morning wakes are easily formed yet some of the hardest ones to break. There is not unfortunately a simple one response answer to get a quick solution as there are multiple factors that can cause an early morning wake. 

To work through the possible causes of early morning wakes, it is really important that we firstly understand the biology to know what is going on. It will help you appreciate that your child is not simply a terrible sleeper and that there are a lot of factors that go against them to create an early morning wake!

Before we get started, I did want to clarify what we would define as an early...

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