How to Swaddle a Baby: Two techniques using muslin swaddle blankets to improve your baby’s sleep

Swaddling your baby is the closest thing to mimicking the womb for them once they are earthside. Experts believe that birth may be the most traumatic experience that humans go through so it’s no wonder that swaddling triggers a baby’s calming reflex when it replicates the womb environment for them.

There are hundreds of baby products on the market that you can choose from to swaddle your baby using zips, velcro and fasteners, but truthfully you can create a safe, snug and comfortable swaddle with a classic muslin blanket.

We have included here the most common traditional method of swaddling where baby’s arms are down, however after the birth of our first child, we were taught the arms up version in our Sydney hospital and came to love this technique. So did our baby. Ultimately, it is up to you which you find easier to do, or what your baby prefers. 

Below are the two techniques: 

  1. Arms up swaddling technique

Also available on YouTube at 

  1. Arms down swaddling technique

 Also available on YouTube at

Happy swaddling!

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