3-4 months Sleep solutions
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Navigating 3 & 4 months


Built differently. You don't need to wait and you CAN gently start working on your baby’s sleep YOUR way - that feels good for you.

While ALSO supporting your baby the entire time.

Yes! Help this baby sleep better

Inside this mini-course I will teach you:

-How your baby is no longer sleeping like a newborn and WHY that impacts their sleep

-Implement NOW sleep foundations to set your baby up with healthy long term sleep habits

-The ideal schedule specifically for 3&4 month old babies. Start working on consistent and predictable sleep (you’ll love it!)

-How to choose a settling technique to gently help your baby fall asleep independently! (This is NOT sleep training with CIO!)

-How to confidently respond to your baby

-How to survive the dreaded 4 month sleep regression


I keep things simple, to the point, zero fluff, it will be the best 40 minutes spent.


*Your sleep-deprived self will love not having to think as we take out ALL guesswork for you :)

3-4 Month Old Mini-Program

Help your little one get through the 4 month sleep regression to set them up with great long-term sleep habits. Start gently working on independent sleep skills (no CIO!) right now!

"Now we're sleeping it feels like we have our life back...I didn't expect him to catch on so quickly..."


Denae & Joe

"it's definitely helped us a lot with the self-settling, which in turn, has helped with the night waking....rolls over and straight back to sleep"


Leiah & Josh