3 & 4 Months.

You don’t need to wait, you can gently start working on your baby’s sleep in a way that works for you and supports your baby.

Yes, help my baby sleep better!

What’s Included.

Inside this mini-course, You'll discover:

  • How your baby is no longer sleeping like a newborn and why that impacts their sleep.
  • Implement sleep foundations now to set your baby up with healthy long term sleep habits.
  • The ideal schedule specifically for 3&4 month old babies. Start working on consistent and predictable sleep (you’ll love it!).
  • How to choose a settling technique to gently help your baby fall asleep independently! (This is not sleep training with CIO!)
  • How to confidently respond to your baby.
  • How to survive the dreaded 4 month sleep regression.

I keep things simple, to the point, with zero fluff.

    Yes, help my baby sleep better!

3-4 Months Program

Your newborn is no longer a newborn. You’ve now hit te dreaded four-month sleep regression!

You’re exhausted and ready to get some consistent and predictable sleep.


Help my baby sleep better


Our goal is to help exhausted parents teach their babies and toddlers to sleep well.


I cannot say enough good things. I have tried several sleep programs before and this is the only one that got our son sleeping through the night. We seamlessly transitioned him to one nap a day, changed his eating and milk habits thanks to nutritional guidance built into the program, and found better sleep sacks per their recommendation. This program has everything you ever thought you needed and everything you never knew you needed. Cat and Con provide tons of support and troubleshooting tips for when you feel things aren’t working. I wish they had started their program ages ago!

Melissa Hawkins

Baby Sleep Team have an amazing program and I’m so appreciative of the support Catherine provided me over the last couple of months with my 9 month old bub. He has now been sleeping through the night, 11-12 hours straight! He also knows how to fall asleep by himself which means more time to spend with my husband. We had tried other programs and they just don’t compare to this one. It is so comprehensive and structured and covers everything you need to get your baby sleeping well. I love that there are so many options and guidelines as to how to choose the best settling technique, especially because every baby is different. Thank you so much for your help!

Bernadette Adams

I found this baby sleep program to be amazing and highly successful with my little one. Prior to commencing, my then 6 month old was hardly sleeping during the day and these little cat naps were very inconsistent and unpredictable. The easy to follow program ensured consistency and bub now has 2-3 very predictable sleeps during the day (in the process of dropping the afternoon one). The schedule suits us 100% as bub gives very few tired cues. I felt at ease having the flexibility to choose a settling technique that suited us to establish routine and felt strongly supported by the baby sleep team. I highly recommend.