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Get your baby to sleep in later!

Tired of 5am wake ups? You’re not destined to start your day at 5am forever (or eeeeeeekkkk even 4am!) I’ve got all the tips!

YES! Help this baby sleep in!

Imagine this...

Your baby wakes up consistently after 6am (normal infant wake time!) or even 7am every morning.


What would YOU do with your day if you actually woke up BEFORE your little one?!


Sounds like a dream, right?


I promise it’s not!


If your little one is 5+ months and you want to proactively manage their sleep to delay their wake up time in the morning, it IS possible to sort this!

YES! I’m ready for my baby to sleep in later

At this point, you may be wondering

“Who is SHE to be teaching me how to get my baby sleeping in better?

Hi! I’m Cat!

I help families sleep better by getting their baby consistently sleeping through the night and taking great naps because every parent deserves to experience the joy of parenting and have a happy, healthy family.

Parenting started out pretty dreamy after our first daughter Annabelle was born (she was our ‘easy’ baby :)). We could still work in our business of 6 years around naps and bedtime relatively easily.
We then had an Evie. She was our velcro baby…our stage 5 clinger. This little love could not be put down and was our very sensitive baby. What worked for Annabelle, didn’t work for Evie. A very humbling parenting experience.

We NEEDED consistent and predictable sleep, but in a way that adapted to our Evie girl. So we approached sleep completely differently in a way that worked for her (and us).

What did that look like? A happy, thriving family. Work times became 12-2pm consistently and predictably every single day with a 7pm bedtime. Bliss. Happy, rested kids = Happy rested Mama and Dad.
Since getting our whole family sleeping well I’ve taught families around the world  to do the same.
This is what I want for you. You deserve to get your family sleeping.
I’ll teach you how to get your baby sleeping well (so the whole family sleeps) in a simple, step-by-step, take out the guesswork, easy way.

Inside this mini-course I will teach you:

- WHY your baby is waking up so early in the morning

- How we can positively shape your baby’s sleep working with their natural biological rhythms

- Learn what you can do NOW to set your baby up with healthy long term sleep habits

- How to start working on a consistent and predictable sleep schedule (we remove all guesswork!)

4 solutions to choose from to fix your child’s early morning wake

- How to confidently respond to your baby

Troubleshooting if your day goes pear-shaped :) 

I keep things simple, to the point, zero fluff.

Early Morning Wakes Mini-Program

Want your baby to stop waking up at 5am?  You’re not destined to start your day at 5am forever (or eeekkkkk even 4am!) 

It’s time to stop feeling like an exhausted pigeon and tackle those early morning wakes.


YES! Help this baby sleep in!

Here’s what other parents are saying….

“Baby sleep team truly changed our lives and gave us the confidence we needed to get through any sleep obstacles with our little one. They not only gave us the tools to give our son a full night's sleep but they gave us our sleep back too, and for that, we cannot recommend them enough!”


Cassie and Adam

“I cannot say enough good things. I have tried several sleep programs before and this is the only one that got our son sleeping through the night. We seamlessly transitioned him to one nap a day, changed his eating and milk habits thanks to nutritional guidance built into the program, and found better sleep sacks per their recommendation. This program has everything you ever thought you needed and everything you never knew you needed. Cat and Con provide tons of support and troubleshooting tips for when you feel things aren’t working. I wish they had started their program ages ago!”


Karen P

"Now we're sleeping it feels like we have our life back...I didn't expect him to catch on so quickly..."


Denae & Joe

"it's definitely helped us a lot with the self-settling, which in turn, has helped with the night waking....rolls over and straight back to sleep"


Leiah & Josh