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What They Say About Us

Hear what real families have to say about the Baby Sleep Team Program

Leiah & Josh

"it's definitely helped us a lot with the self-settling, which in turn, has helped with the night waking....rolls over and straight back to sleep"



"Nora is now able to put herself to sleep for naps and bedtime, and overnight when she does wake up, she's aware that she's woken up and is able to settle herself back to sleep" 


Tatum Cruz

"it's empowered me as a mother and I feel really encouraged to tackle new things with parenting"


Denae & Joe

"now we're sleeping it feels like we have our life back...I didn't expect him to catch on so quickly..."


Shannon Donner

"my son is sleeping through the night, he's learnt how to self settle...a program that really does adapt to every family.."


Anastasia Rodzianko

"it just worked and I think we're all happier now that we sleep, we all sleep through the night"


Alejandra Taylor

"the best part is it comes with an exact schedule for your baby's sleep, no mater what age they are, and it takes all the guesswork out of everything"


Angie Marcela Quintero-Ares

"it's so easy to go through the program...just do it, because you're gonna see the change, not only in the baby but also yourself" 


Cassie & Adam

"I would say the thing that surprised me the most was how quickly he started sleeping through the night with the program"



"this program covers literally everything, every stage. I wish I had it earlier...because I think it would have saved me some headache...it's 1000% worth it"

Shannon & Al









"The most comprehensive step-by-step program removing any guesswork whatsoever to teach your little one between 5-18 months old how to sleep well, even if you’ve tried other methods in the past without success"

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