5 tips getting baby to sleep through the night

5 tips getting baby to sleep through the night

Want to know how to get your baby to sleep through the night?

We’re going to share 5 tips to get your little one sleeping through the night.

We have helped many families get their babies to sleep through the night and we’re excited to help you stop feeling like a walking zombie so your whole family can be well-rested getting the sleep they need

Tip #1: Sleep environment

Creating a sleep environment conducive to falling and staying asleep is vital to helping your baby sleep through the night. The good news is that parents have the ability to get everything set up perfectly and you don’t need to leave anything to chance. Simply making a positive change with your baby’s sleep environment can have a dramatic impact on their night time sleep.

If your little one is too cold they can wake up needing extra layers for warmth. If they wake up too hot, they can wake up uncomfortable and need fluids,

They can easily wake up in the early hours of the morning if they hear a parent get up early for work, or birds chirping outside their window. Or they could also wake up if there is any light getting into their room.

By getting your sleep environment set up just right, you can rule out many common factors causing night wakes.

Tip #2: Structured daytime routine

Establishing a structured daytime routine is key to helping your little one to sleep through the night.

There are many benefits related to having a good daytime routine:

  • -  Set feed & sleep times, helps your baby to know what to expect & when

  • -  When you start and end your baby’s day at relatively the same time each day as well as getting plenty of sunlight and stimulation during the day, you are helping them to establish a healthy circadian rhythm which plays a huge factor in their sleep.

-  Day naps also play a significant role in impacting nighttime sleep. If your baby can get the majority of their sleep between 9am and 3pm, and sleep outside of these times are simply a power nap, this helps ensure your baby is tired enough to sleep well at night, but not overtired.

That means that when it comes to bedtime, they are READY for sleep.

Tip #3: Bedtime routine

The power of the bedtime routine. Babies THRIVE on routine! When it comes to bedtime, you want to do the exact same activities in the exact same order every single day. This should be done for all night time sleep and a shortened version for all naps.
It helps your baby transition from their busy activities during the day to then winding down in preparation for bed. It sends them a strong cue that bedtime is imminent and it prepares them for sleep.

What is your favorite part of your little one’s bedtime routine? Comment below!

Tip #4: The pause

Using a pause is when you simply wait just a few minutes where you stop, wait, and listen. So often as parents, we leap up at the first sound our baby makes but in many cases we are intervening too soon and interrupting their sleep.

When you wait a few minutes first, you are able to determine if your baby is truly awake or just transitioning between sleep cycles.

Tip #5: How your baby falls asleep

Dr Jodi Mindell who is a clinical psychologist in pediatric sleep medicine advises whatever happens at bedtime with HOW you get your baby to sleep is what you’re going to need to repeat in the middle of the night.

So if you rock your baby to sleep, nurse your baby to sleep, when they wake up during the night, they are likely to need that same approach to get them back to sleep.

You need to make sure that your baby can fall asleep on their own so that when they wake up during the night, they can fall BACK to sleep on their own.

Need some help to get your baby or toddler sleeping well? Sign up to our FREE 22-minute sleep foundations video series to learn how to establish sleep hygiene to improve your little one’s sleep down below."

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