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Sick of 30-45 minute naps?  

Get your baby to take a longer nap


You know you want your baby to take a longer nap, but you have no clue where to begin?


Imagine this. Your child sleeps for 2 hours in the middle of the day...in their crib *gasp*

What would YOU do if you KNEW you would get 1.5-2 hours of time consistently during the day when your baby sleeps?

Sounds crazy right?! It’s possible! 

If your baby is 5 months or older and you’re ready to fix their short cat naps, you can help your little one sleep for longer, getting them the sleep that they need in a way that feels good for you BOTH.

I want longer naps!


Inside this mini-course I will teach you:


- WHY they are taking short naps and how you can get them to sleep longer

- HOW to get your baby to fall asleep without (insert *shushing, patting, rocking, feeding, contact napping, co-sleeping*) YOU doing it for them.

- The best feeding and sleeping schedule to get consistent and predictable naps during the day (you’ll love not having to think!)

- FOUR settling techniques to choose from (with a bonus ultra gentle technique) so you can do what’s right for your family

HOW to respond when your baby wakes after 30-45 minutes

- What to do with the rest of your day when naps don’t go to plan

- Troubleshooting if your day goes pear-shaped :)


It’s literally jam-packed with only the information you need.


Designed specifically for exhausted, ZERO attention span parents.

Can you give up 1 Netflix show to fix your baby’s short naps? #worthit  

I keep things simple, to the point, zero fluff, it will be the best 60 minutes spent.


 *Your sleep-deprived self will love not having to think as we take out ALL guesswork for you :)

Short Naps Mini-Course

Imagine this…your child sleeps for 2 hours in the middle of the day.

What would YOU do if you KNEW you would get 1.5-2 hours consistently during the day when your baby sleeps?


Here’s what other parents are saying….

“On the new schedule he went right down for both naps. No fussing, no problem, just immediately went to sleep and then we would put him down at like 6.30-7pm and he slept through the whole night the first time and I was like what the heck...this is great!”



“I cannot say enough good things. I have tried several sleep programs before and this is the only one that got our son sleeping through the night. We seamlessly transitioned him to one nap a day, changed his eating and milk habits thanks to nutritional guidance built into the program, and found better sleep sacks per their recommendation. This program has everything you ever thought you needed and everything you never knew you needed. Cat and Con provide tons of support and troubleshooting tips for when you feel things aren’t working. I wish they had started their program ages ago!”


Karen P

"He takes a long nap in the middle of the day...I never thought that would be possible..."



"I love that it was easy to follow so you could know exactly where to go back to visit when you needed to. And just the schedule I found so helpful"